Water-resistant bag designed to keep your clothes, valuables, electronics, or snacks dry. Perfect for a day at the beach or even a hike in the rain.

5L Water-Resistant Dry Bag

Color: Black
  • • Made of 250D Tarpaulin Polyester web handle.

    • Black Plastic buckle closure doubles as handle for easy carry when bag is full and sealed (pull closed buckle).

    • For maximum protection from water, fill dry bag no more than 75%; 
    press black Polyester edges together and squeeze out air; then fold top  of bag down at least 3 times and snap buckles together. 

    • Recommended weight tolerance: 11 lbs.    

    Product Dimensions
    Flat: 11"W x 14"H; Full: 13.75"H x 7"Dia       

    Product Material
    250D Tarpaulin, Polyester Web handles, PE Board (insert), POM buckle